Flow CBD Gel Review

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Fairwinds Brand Reputation

Fairwinds the manufacturing company that makes Flow CBD Gel has been creating CBD cream since 2014. FDA has not issued any warning letters to Fairwinds. Fairwinds will give you a money back guarantee if you buy Flow CBD Gel and you are unhappy with it.

Brand Reputation of Fairwinds
Company NameFairwinds
Year Established2014
ReputationNo customer reviews
Lab testingNot available
COA (Certificate of Analysis )No
FDA ApprovedNo
Guarantee & Deliverability of Fairwinds
Refund PolicyNo information
Ships FromUS
Ships ToUS
DeliveryNo information

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Review Highlights: Flow Gel

140mg of CBD

$ 42.00

Quantity of Fairwinds
Amount of CBD in Jar1oz
Percentage of CBD in Jar4.67%
Percentage of Other ingredients95.03%
Percentage of THC in Jarmore than 0.3%
Cost Breakdown of Fairwinds
CBD Product Price$42.00
Jar Size1oz
Cost of CBD per Milliliter $0.30 per ml
Product Characteristics of Fairwinds
Hemp sourceUS
(CBD) Strength140mg

Decision Making Factors



86th PLACE


Key Factors of FairwindsOur Rating
Independently TestedPOOR
For Skin ConditionsGOOD
For General Skin CareGOOD
Value For MoneyGOOD

Full Review

The Flow CBD Deep Tissue and Joint Gel by Fairwinds Cannabis is known the results it provides. The company claims that the gel can be used to get relief from arthritis pain, minor burns, and sore muscles. It takes a little while to seep into the skin and provide relief, but no more than 5 minutes (max).

The gel contains CBD oil along with-

Comfrey extract, citrus oil, chamomile oil, bergamot oil, white willow bark, linalool oil, eucalyptol, etc. The gel has a slightly watery consistency so that the skin can easily absorb it. Get relief from joint pains and stiff muscles and lead an everyday life.  

Findings: Flow CBD Gel


The product contains 140 mg CBD strength, 6 mg CBDA, and 4 mg THC.

Hemp Cultivation

Flow CBD gel uses full-spectrum hemp sourced from Washington, USA.


The gel has a delicate, citrusy, and sweet smell that’s mild and pleasant.

Customer Ratings

The company website has no customer reviews. The product has three 5-star reviews on leafly.com.


The gel is priced at $42 (on leafly.com) for 30g.

Independent Testing

There is no information available on the website.


Cosmetic Gel Base, Essential Oil and Terpene Blend (Bergamot, Citrus, Chamomile, Linalool, Eucalyptol, Borneol, Caryophyllene, Myrcene), Cannabis Oil, White Willow Bark, Comfrey Extract.

How to Apply Flow CBD Gel?
  • Wash the affected area clean before applying the gel
  • Take a small quantity (the size of a dime) and gently rub it into the skin
  • It takes around 1-3 minutes for the skin to absorb the ingredients in the gel
  • It takes 2-5 minutes for the gel to start showing results and relieving pain
  • The gel can be reapplied as and when necessary
  • The gel can cause minor irritation for people with sensitive skin
  • Do not use excess gel for better results. It will lead to skin irritation and redness
  • Wipe away the excess gel, and if irritation occurs
  • The gel is only for the external use. Do not ingest
What does the 3rd Party Testing & Lab Results Reveal?
  • Third-party independent lab test details are not available on the company website.
  • The test reports were not found on the website.
  • The product contains 4 mg of THC, which is more than the US approved 0.3% THC.
  • No link available.

Company Details

About Fairwinds

Fairwinds was established in 2014 with the commitment to introduce highly-engineered nutraceutical cannabis wellness products to the Washington recreational market. Using advanced, world-class cannabis cultivation and processing technologies alongside unique eastern medicine philosophies and formulations, the company aspired to redefine the way society approaches health and wellness. Since its origins, Fairwinds has consistently pushed for higher standards in cultivation and processing to provide the most effective and safe product for its customers.


The company headquarters is located in Vancouver, WA, USA.


No information is available on the website.

CBD Extraction Method

The company uses ultra-pure hydrocarbon solvents approved by FDA and advanced processing instruments to ensure that the extracted CBD is free from pesticides, harsh solvents, and bacteria.

Quality of Customer Support

Contact customer care through email or the contact form on the website. 

Shipping Options

The company doesn’t ship the products inside or outside of Washington (due to Federal and State laws). The product must be purchased from the licensed cannabis retail dispensary in the region.