Our Research Process

At CBD Cream Advisor, we aim to provide: accurate reviews on every CBD Topical on the internet. 

We conduct unbiased reviews and sift through cbd product websites. We share all the key decision making factors you should consider before you buy. 


To generate our product ratings, we rely on the following general sources:

CBD Manufacturers Websites

We get roughly 40% of our information from CBD manufacturers’ website, based on quality and trustworthiness of the content. Manufacturers often place false, misleading information on their website so we carefully shift through each website to try validate the manufacturer’s claims. 

CBD Review Websites

Site owners often get paid for highlighting certain brands or for recommending specific topicals on their review websites. We do review these websites to try identify cbd manufacturers who might be paying review websites to recommend their topicals. 

CBD Product Page Reviews

Roughly 20% of our data comes from reading  customer reviews posted to online product pages. We do try to identify fake and false reviews. All reviews are checked multiple times to ensure they are original and the author has not been compensated for their the review.


About 10% of our data comes from consumer reviews posted on forums. For each product review we read legitimate threads in large online communities, then we collect and verify the posts to make sure they’re valid and relevant to our research.

Third Party Testing Certificates

Every CBD topical product website is checked to confirm if their product has been independently tested by a third party. We check each and every third-party certificate to ensure the test results match the claims on the CBD topical product. 

Internal Product Testing

We buy as many topicals as we can with the help of revenue we generate through affiliate income. Because we are dermatologists we assess and test the products just like we would any other topical that we recommend to our customers.

Unbiased Reviews

Brands cannot incentivize our reviewers to write favorable reviews, unlike other websites. All our reviews are 100% unbiased.  

Our Ratings System

Based on the image below, we calculate average ratings for our cbd topicals using a 100 point rating system:

  • Poor: 0.0 to 19.99
  • Fair: 20.0 to 39.99
  • Good: 40.0 to 59.99
  • Very Good: 60.0 to 79.99
  • Excellent: 80.0 to 100

If you would like to know more about our review process please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly.