Our Goal

Our aim is to save you time and eliminate the stress of trying to find the right CBD topical for you.

cbdcreamadvisor.com strives to be the most trusted CBD Topical remediation service on the internet. We obsess over, review and test hundreds of topicals to find you the best products and deals.

We take a great deal of time to complete our reviews and our research is based on years of experience as dermatologists. In addition to our expertise, we analyze lab results from third parties. Aside from CBD content, we also evaluate every ingredient in each topical using our dermatology background to determine the  good from bad. 

Who We Are

CBD Cream advisor is written and reviewed by two qualified dermatologists (Dr. Jane Hennessy & Dr. Maria Lopez). Our experience in dermatology spans 6 years, and we operate JH Dermatology Skin Clinic & Laser Center. To learn more about us please check out our meet the team section on this website.

We founded CBD Cream Advisor back in 2019 after noticing that even big authoritative websites were promoting products that contained very low doses of CBD. It quickly became apparent to us that most websites that review CBD topicals have personal relationships with the brands they are endorsing, and because of this, the reviews are biased. 

Our database has grown into the largest CBD topical review database on the Internet. Our website features over 200 CBD Topicals out of the 300 we reviewed.

CBD Cream Advisor’s mission is simple: its to create a database of unbiased reviews of CBD Topicals. Independent reviews without influence from hidden partnerships. Reviews written by professionals who understand the ingredients in the Topicals they are reviewing! 

Editorial Process

Our editorial work is completely independent. That means nothing appears on cbdcreamadvisor.com as a recommendation unless it is written by a member of our staff. We also medically review every article for accuracy.

So far, we have vetted over 300 CBD topicals and we write about each topical and share our findings with you. And we plan to continue until we’ve reviewed every single CBD topical on the internet.

Our research process is very detailed. In fact, we have written an article that describes our research process in great detail.

Our mission as dermatologists is to bring you the reviews of the top CBD topicals on the market. Whenever you find something outdated, contradictory, unclear, or incomplete, please let us know.

If needed to contact the editorial team or our medical experts please do so. If any improvements need to be made, we will investigate and republish. 

However the methodology we use when evaluating CBD-related topical reviews will never change and CBD manufacturers cannot influence our reviews.

cbdcreamadivor.com does not allow guest posts. If the CBD topical is not already in our database, you can apply to sponsor the writing of a review. When you request a review the payment is for CBD Creamadvisor to write the review, you do not have any control, input, or influence over the outcome of the review.  

We think that’s a pretty fair system that keeps us committed to providing honest, unbiased reviews based on the quality of the CBD topical unlike a lot of other topical review websites who have hidden partnerships with the topicals manufacturer they promote. 

We Value Your Privacy 

We value your privacy. All information you supply through our website may be placed on servers within the EU. Don’t provide any information if you are opposed to this type of placement. 

How We Earn

If a reader chooses to buy a CBD topical that we have evaluated, sometimes we may receive an affiliate commission from the CBD manufacturer’s website when the reader makes the purchase.  However, we do not have any personal relationships with CBD topical manufacturers. We sign up for the affiliate program on the CBD manufacturer’s website if there is one. There’s no incentive for us to promote that affiliate link. Our goal is to sign up for all the available affiliate commission options but not promote one product over the other based on commission.

How to Use This Website

What do you do now that you’ve opened our website? How do you find what you’re looking for?

To start using cbdcreamadvisor.com, simply type your search term or the cbd topical name into the search bar at the top right corner of our main menu. A dropdown will appear and show you appropriate articles you might be interested in reading that are related to your search query. 

How not to use this website

Cbd cream advisor  is a digital publisher and does not offer personal health or medical advice. 

Cbdcreamadvisor.com is purely informative and does not provide any medical advice or guarantee any health benefits. There has been no clinical verification or evaluation of CBD health benefits by the Food and Drug Administration. 

Due to this, cbdcreamadvisor.com is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and is not intended to replace professional medical advice.  

Please contact a healthcare professional before using a CBD Topical to treat skincare or pain related conditions. 

How to Contact Us

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