Topical CBD for Costochondritis

Costochondritis, pronounced as “kos-toe-kon-dry-tis”, is a condition in which inflammation develops in the cartilage that joins the breastbone, i.e., sternum with the rib. This condition can be excruciating, and the pain may be mistaken as that of a heart attack, or any other condition of the heart.

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What Do Experts Say about the treatment of Costochondritis?

Emergency Treatment of Costochondritis

If you develop abnormal and debilitating pain in the chest all of a sudden, you must see a doctor immediately. Seeking emergency care is the only option in such a situation. Chest pain can be indicative of something serious, especially the cause of Costochondritis. 

Long-Term Treatment for Costochondritis

Costochondritis is a non-persistent condition, and the pain subsides on its own. Mild cases disappear within a few days, while chronic cases last for a few weeks> Even the worst cases won’t last longer than a single year. To reduce the chances of developing chronic Costochondritis, be careful while lifting heavy loads. Avoid high-impact workout routines and manual labor.

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Treatment for Costochondritis

To ease your pain and prevent Costochondritis pains from lasting long, doctors may prescribe the following:

  •       OTC Painkillers
  •       TENS therapy
  •       Corticosteroid injections
  •       Physical therapy
  •       Home remedies like rest and heat/cold compress

Painkillers for Costochondritis

The most common method of treating Costochondritis is by taking over-the-counter pain relievers.

The most common medicines that doctors prescribe for Costochondritis are naproxen and ibuprofen. These belong to a group of medication that’s categorized as NSAIDs, i.e., nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. You will have to take these 2-3 times every day, to control aches and inflammation. For patients above 16 years, Aspirin may also be prescribed.

TENS for Costochondritis

TENS, which relieves pain by using  low voltage electrical current, can help with Costochondritis.

TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a treatment method in which electrical impulses are used in an injured area of the body to relieve pain fast. TENS can be prescribed for Costochondritis. The impulses lower pain signals reaching the nervous system while relaxing muscles. 

Corticosteroids for Costochondritis

In case intense pain due to Costochondritis, corticosteroids may be injected locally.

Corticosteroids are medicines to help alleviate swelling and pain. If you’re suffering from severe refractions of Costochondritis, corticosteroid injection may bring fast relief. It is inserted into the costochondral joint or around it. If NSAIDs don’t work for or suit you, this medicine can help.

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Physical Therapy for Costochondritis

Even deliberating pain can eventually subside with the help of different forms of physiotherapy.

In case of refractory Costochondritis, it is possible to get rid of the symptoms of Costochondritis with the help of physical therapy. It is, in fact, one of the most common methods of treatment in case of severe chest wall pains as it is free from invasive techniques and drugs. These may include different forms of exercises and stretches.

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Self-Help for Costochondritis

Costochondritis is known to respond to home remedies. You can try the following solutions:

  • Ice or Heat: It might soothe your pain if you can apply ice or heat on your chest. Use ice packs, heating pads, or just a cloth warmed with hot water. You can do this several times in a single day for the best results. 
  • OTC Drugs: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers available over the counter can relieve Costochondritis at home. Consult a doctor about naproxen sodium like Aleve or ibuprofen like Advil and Motrin IB.
  • Rest: It is essential to get sufficient rest as repeated and heavy-impact physical activities can strain your chest and increase pain. You might also undergo some kind of injury or strain that can make things worse.

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CBD for Costochondritis

You can read the works of Dr. Tom Warner and Dr. Emmy Atkins on using CBD oil for Costochondritis. According to TRU Infusion CBD, one of the most reputed manufacturers of CBD-infused products, CBD capsules can help to ease Costochondritis. It is suspected that CBD can help alleviate pains and body aches that are difficult to cure. If it sounds interesting, read more here.

Dr. Jeremy Riggle, who is associated with Mary’s Medicinals as the Chief Scientist, believes that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have also proved that CBD has positive effects on the heart, including protective effects on the heart, as discussed by Prof. Harry Sumnall, a former member of the Advisory Council of the UK Government on the Misuse of Drugs.