Ananda Hemp CBD Salve Review

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Ananda Hemp produces a massive selection of cruelty-free full-spectrum CBD products. The company claims to create these products with terpenes, amino acids, essential oils, beneficial cannabinoids, several phytonutrients, and CBD. During processing, the company claims to incorporate plant-based ingredients without any fillers or additives. The lotions and creams produced by Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp Brand Reputation

Ananda Hemp the brand that makes CBD Rich Body Salve has been making cbd salve since 1996. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not issued any warning letters to Ananda Hemp. If you are unhappy with CBD Rich Body Salve, Ananda Hemp will refund your money.

Brand Reputation of Ananda Hemp
Company NameAnanda Hemp
Year Established1996
Reputation280 customer reviews
Lab testingTested by DB Labs
COA (Certificate of Analysis )Yes
FDA ApprovedNo
Guarantee & Deliverability of Ananda Hemp
Refund Policy30 Days
Ships FromUS
Ships ToUS & International
DeliveryNo information

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Review Highlights: Ananda Salve

125mg of CBD

$ 23.95

Quantity of Ananda Hemp CBD Salve
Amount of CBD in Jar0.88oz
Percentage of CBD in Jar5%
Percentage of Other ingredients95%
Percentage of THC in Jar
Cost Breakdown of Ananda Hemp CBD Salve
CBD Product Price$23.95
Jar Size0.88oz
Cost of CBD per Milliliter $0.19 per ml
Product Characteristics of Ananda Hemp CBD Salve
Hemp sourceUS
(CBD) Strength125mg

Decision Making Factors



15th PLACE


Key Factors of Ananda Hemp CBD SalveOur Rating
Independently TestedGOOD
For Skin ConditionsGOOD
For General Skin CareGOOD
GuaranteeVERY GOOD
Value For MoneyGOOD

Full Review

Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve contains 125 mg of premium full-spectrum cannabinoids. The company claims that this localized topical relief cream is thoroughly crafted with a blend of plant-based ingredients. The ingredients include moisturizing herbs, capsicum oil, organic ginger, and cocoa butter. This CBD infused salve claims to promote and protect muscle health and skin. The ingredients in the rub have aromatherapeutic benefits, support the CBD’s analgesic effects, and provide a gentle warming sensation. This skin-nourishing rub goes on smooth after application and gets quickly absorbed into the skin.

Findings: Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve


One 25 mg salve jar is infused with 125 MG full-spectrum CBD.

Hemp Cultivation

The cream has full-spectrum CBD, third-party tested cultivated and grown by 8th generation Kentucky farmers.


The salve has a soothing minty aroma because it is infused with organic menthol crystals.

Customer Ratings

Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve has over 280 reviews on the official website with a rating of 5 stars out of 5.


One 25g jar costs $23.99.

Independent Testing

The company gets the product tested by third-party labs


The cream contains the topical pain reliever arnica oil and the vitamin-A-rich emollient beeswax. It is infused with capsicum oil that treats arthritic conditions, and organic coconut oil. The other ingredients include organic menthol crystals, sunflower oil, organic ginger, white willow bark extract, peppermint, and Boswellia extract powder. The cream also contains wintergreen, organic cayenne, cocoa butter, eucalyptus, and shea butter.

How to Apply Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve?
  • Open the lid of the jar.
  • Scoop out a small amount of the salve.
  • Gently massage the rub onto the body’s targeted areas.
  • Repeat as needed day and/ or night.
  • Remember that the salve is only meant for external purposes and is not to be used on broken skin, wounds, or near the eyes.
  • Discontinue if irritation occurs.
  • Store in a dry, cool place.
What does the 3rd Party Testing & Lab Results Reveal?

Company Details

About Anada Hemp

Ananda hemp is one of the significant players in the hemp market and has been selling a vast selection of CBD products for the last 20 years. Ecofibre Ltd is the parent company of Ananda Hemp. They grow most of their products in Kentucky as the climate and soil create optimal conditions for growing the hemp outdoors. The company never uses GMOs, herbicides, or pesticides and practice organic growing methods. Email at [email protected].


The company is headquartered in Georgetown in Kentucky, USA.


The company provides a full money-back guarantee, provided the salve is returned within thirty days of purchase.

CBD Extraction Method

The company website has not listed the extraction method used. But, it was found out that it uses food-grade ethanol and fractional distillation as the extraction process.

Quality of Customer Support

Customers can contact customer care through email at [email protected] (Monday-Friday) 9:00 Am – 5.00 PST, or place a call on (833) 791-2511.

Shipping Options

The company ships the salve to all the 50 states in the US and everywhere internationally, except Asia.